Baseball seniors say farewell


Natascha Mercadante

The seniors line up for their recognition after beating Altus .

The seven of the 16 baseball players are about to graduate. A look back onto their season brings memories from their very first years of high school baseball. Baseball has ended 23 – 12 in their season.

“That’s the most wins we’ve had in my four years of being here,” assistant coach Brian Keith said.

He said that he will miss this group of seniors because they are a special class, great kids, hardworking and have great work ethic.

The reflection of their season this year leads to the inspirations that will last a lifetime.

1. What is the most special moment for you this year?

Mason Hightower: Probably when we beat Carl Albert, and that’s really helped us throughout the season. We haven’t beaten them our whole high school career.

Blaine Shockley: Moving to Duncan and being a part of the Duncan baseball, because Duncan has a rich tradition in baseball.

Matt Ramsey: Probably the tournament trips that we take. I get to spend time with friends on the team.

Scott Cooper: Winning the McAlester shootout; we’ve never won that tournament all the times we’ve played in it.

2. What has baseball done for you?

Shockley: Baseball has taught me that even if you fail at something you have to forget the past and move on.

Bryce Byford: It’s really taught me a lot of life lessons. Patience and teamwork.

Dylan Zawicki: It’s helped me build a lot of character. It’s a game of failure, and you have to go through a lot of adversity.

Cooper: I’ve played it all my life. It’s taught me that you get what you put into it, and that goes for almost all things.

3. Who is your greatest inspiration for baseball? Why?

Hightower: Derek Jeter. He’s always played the game the right way. Just does things right. He has a good character.

Zawicki: Probably my dad. He’s always been there since I was growing up, helping me.

Cooper: My dad, because he’s played baseball when he was little and got me playing it when I was little. I’ve always loved it.

Kolby Sylvester: My brother. He played it when I was six, and he’s helped me in my baseball career.

4. What are you plans after graduation? Any intended majors?

Shockley: Attend the University of Central Oklahoma. Probably criminal justice.

Byford: I plan on attending Redlands Community College and hopefully play baseball. Either [major in] international business or sports medicine.

Matt Ramsey: I plan to attend UCO.

Zawicki: Right now I’m going to the University of Oklahoma to major in accounting.

5. What will you miss most about playing baseball?

Hightower: Just the opportunity to go out and play with my friends. I know I’m going to make new ones, but I’m going to miss playing with friends from my childhood.

Cooper: I will miss the tournament road trips and hanging out with my friends.

Byford: Just all the good things, the fun that we’ve had. It’s always been a fun environment. The camaraderie and the teamwork.

Sylvester: The environment and high school baseball. I’ll probably miss my friends the most.