The future of students lies in the end of the EOI

The Oklahoma legislation finally did something right.

If the House Bill 1622 were to pass, it could save more than $5 million; however, that is only if the state goes to national testing, such as the ACT.

Superintendent Joy Hofmeister has said that she is in favor of using the American College Test or ACT, according to The ACT would be cheaper to pay for. The only use of the EOI is for the state to assess that students know what they need in order to graduate; however, the test is simply not useful for colleges because even then they are not validated by colleges.

Although that’s a big deal, there’s no other use for the EOI. To have students pay for the ones that really count, such as the ACT, it is counter thinking to make students pay for it when they count for more than graduation.

If there was an end to state testing, it would be a huge step in keeping lesson plans going and making sure that the students get a full school year of teaching by having harder semester tests and keeping up on their academics. The teachers and students will focus on the more important ACT.

New York and Seattle, WA have been getting rid of their state testing. Oklahoma should omit these tests and just focus on the ACT tests. The state finally has a great solution for teachers to teach all school year and picking up the next year where they leave off. However, to ensure the teachers work on the class agenda year-round, I think they should have an agenda and stick with it as much as possible and not get lazy. There won’t be an exact plan until later on if the bill passes.

Since the state should finally get rid of the EOI, students should be able to focus on learning all year long.