Be happy with who you are


As summer approaches we all like to think of the amazing things about it, the camping trips and lake days. What we don’t really like to think about, however, is the large amount of body shaming that happens this time of year.

We live in a society that body shames in general anyways, but toward summer it seems to intensify. As this time of year approaches people either tend to be super comfortable with their body or, more often than not, super uncomfortable.

Contrary to what many believe, body shaming not only happens to people with larger bodies; it happens to people of all shapes and sizes.

We are either too large, too small, too scrawny, too buff, too pale or too tan. It seems that we have a natural thought process of never being truly satisfied with anything really. Unfortunately this way of thinking is very toxic and potentially dangerous. It can lead to the illegal use of drugs such as steroids and very dangerous eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. A lot of unnecessary anxiety is also linked with body shaming.

Thinking that we aren’t good enough for one reason or another is so common, and that itself is sad. Walking down the hall throughout the day, it’s amazing how many times I hear guys talking about how they need to start working out and get that “perfect summer body,” or girls that are perfectly healthy talking about how much weight they need to lose.

There’s also this idea that only people of a certain body type look good in certain clothing, which is just flat out ridiculous. Finding ways to overcome insecurity and become comfortable with who we are is an amazing first step to rid ourselves of this way of thinking. We need to learn to be confident in ourselves, the things we like to wear and how we look in these things. There’s no reason for our body types to control every aspect of our lives. We’re all made a different way and that’s okay. We don’t need to be the exact same to be beautiful. I’m not any better than anyone else just because my stomach is a little smaller, but I’m also not any better than someone else just because I’m a little bigger. Just like a guy that works out all the time isn’t better than someone who isn’t interested in being “buff,” and it goes the opposite way too.

We are not in a competition with each other to fit someone else’s ideas of beauty. There’s no prize at the end, and doing harmful things to the only body that we will ever have is going to accomplish nothing. Losing or gaining that last five pounds isn’t going to fix anything if there’s a lack of confidence.