Art students attend annual chalk festival

The head of an elf lay on the ground, surrounded by glittering red gems. As much as this sounds like a fantasy novel, it is not. This is a drawing at Droverstock.

A select number of students were chosen by art teacher Melissa Mayo to go the annual Droverstock chalk festival on Apr. 2. Droverstock is held on the campus of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO) in Chickasha. Seniors Selena Cruz, Brayden Timmons, Will Browning, Ryan Neall and Katera Shahan, juniors Micheal Phillips, Destin Cobb and Ravyn Wilkins, sophomore Darien Vasella and freshman Kayley Owen were the students that went on this trip.

This year was the 20th annual Droverstock festival. The students left at around 7:45 a.m. and arrived near 8:30. The students were separated into three teams: Cruz, Cobb and Timmons were one team; Shahan, Phillips and Vasella and Neal were another; and Wilkins, Owen and Browning were the third team.

This was Cruz’s second year going, and she said she was excited.

“I really wanted to try out a new idea that I thought would win,” Cruz said about why she wanted to go this year.

Cruz’s group also won what is called “judge’s choice” for their elf drawing, which means they placed in the top 10 groups.

Mayo said that Cruz’s group is the first group she’s had win in the seven years that she’s been taking students.

“It was super exciting,” Mayo stated.

Mayo also said that she chose her students last-minute from her pre-AP and AP courses, and also chose one freshman, Owen, to go on the trip.

This was Owen’s first year going to Droverstock.

“I loved it,” Owen said.

Owen said she would like to go again, but may not be taking art again, as she wants to go into cosmetology and plans to double up on technology credits next school year.

Only time will tell how next year will go, but Mayo hopes that next year’s students will be even more successful.