App Pick of the Month: MLG Flappy Bird 420

“MLG Flappy Bird 420” is, as the title implies, a Flappy Bird-esque game. The game pokes fun at gamer culture, who call themselves “MLG,” which means “Major League Gamer,” and stoners, who celebrate National Marijuana Day on Apr. 20, or “4/20.” It also has references to popular culture, such as Snoop Dogg, Sanic Hegehog (a terrible drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog) and the Illuminati. As the game is similar to “Flappy Bird,” just with some added pop culture stuff. It could get boring really fast, or it could become insanely addicting. It all depends on how much the player liked “Flappy Bird” and how much the person thinks the Illuminati and Dorito’s are funny. Something that isn’t in “Flappy Bird,” however, are “power-ups,” like Mountain Dew and the Illuminati. I thoroughly enjoy the game, as I think all of the references are funny. I would recommend the game for anyone who is looking for a laugh or a time-killer.