Dragons invade card game


Dragons. Big-flying-fire-breathing-lightning-spewing-light-bringing-death-spreading-ice-freezing-people-eating-metal-living-winged dragons.

And some other cool stuff.

The card game “Magic: The Gathering” releases new sets of cards every few months. The newest set, Dragons of Tarkir, was released on March 27. It is the third and final set in the Tarkir block (a block being a series of three sets that share game mechanics, a theme and a storyline), which consists of the sets Khans of Tarkir, Fate Reforged and Dragons of Tarkir. Dragons is by far my favorite set of the block, as it simply has the most interesting cards.

The current set features lots of dragons (well, duh). It has more dragons than any other set in Magic’s history, and players can now build armies of the flying lizards and use them to storm the battlefield and rain chaos and death upon their minuscule, non-reptilian foes.

The dragons in the set are organized into five dragon clans: the savage Atarka, the brutal Kolaghan, the ruthless Silumgar, the mystic Ojutai and the enduring Dromoka. Each clan is named after its dragonlord and they each have their own unique game mechanics. The dragonlords make an appearance as legendary, mythic rare creature cards in the set.

Dragons are not the only thing in the set, however. Each dragonlord has armies of other races, be they humans, goblins, demons or hounds, at their command. Before players send forth their dragons to ravage opponents, they can swarm them with smaller creatures that can, at times, be more powerful than the dragons themselves.

This set is great, not only because it has giant flying lizards, but also because the cards are just straight-up cool. Many Khans and Fate cards were kind of … bleh, but Dragons has no such mediocrity.

Tarkir, and all of the Magic community, should tremble. The dragonlords have arrived.