Students use their voices

Do, re, mi, fa, so and so on are the tools we use to build a song.

Sophomore Emily Saathoff and junior Raven Youngblood are creating a glee club. The glee club will be coming up with an official group name at their first meeting.

Glee is a club that anyone can join. It’s for students who like music and enjoy singing.  Youngblood says glee is full of talented students and has lots of personality from everyone.

“We, as a group, will learn songs chosen by the group to sing and perform,” Youngblood said. “We like to make it all work as a group and also keep some individuality to it such as clothing style and song choices.”

The glee students have been sponsored by teacher Sarah Ivey. It’s waiting to be made official by principal Justin Smith.

Since it isn’t an official club yet, the members still haven’t got together to discuss important things.

“We haven’t had our first meeting yet because it has not been okayed by the principle, but we decided after school for when we do have it,” Youngblood said.

The idea for starting a glee club was brought up between Saathoff and Youngblood during a conversation at school.

“Raven thought of it, and she thought it wasn’t going to happen, but I said we can actually do that,” Saathoff said. “I thought it would be awesome to have a glee club.”

The glee club isn’t that much different than Reflections. The members that are in glee are students who are too young to be in Reflections or just wanted to join for fun.

Saathoff has high hopes for the future of glee club. She is hoping it grows and prospers at Duncan.

“I hope for it to be really big one day and I could say, ‘Wow, I started that.’ To see all of that talent that really no one sees in some of the students anymore,” Saathoff said. “I hope that people realize that you don’t have to be somebody popular or cool to have talent.”

The group is growing very fast and will eventually have a full glee club.