Easy surgery saves pets

Getting pets spayed or neutered is an extremely important decision for pet owners. Altering animals can be one of the best choices for their owners.

There are an estimated six to eight million homeless animals entering animal shelters every year in the United States. Sadly, barely half of them are adopted while the rest are euthanized, or put down.

Spaying and neutering pets can drastically reduce the number of homeless pets killed annually. Breeding and accidental litters are a big reason why so many animals are put in a shelter and later euthanized. As a pet owner, it is the person’s responsibility to spay or neuter their pet or be prepared to find an accidental litter at home.

Many people would rather have a pet that was bred and meant to be paid for than a cat which came off the street or mixed breed dog in a kennel. I will never understand why this is. All animals want the same thing, which is a loving owner or family. But tragically, a lot of the animals that go into a shelter die in the shelter. All these unwanted animals that could have made amazing, healthy pets just by spaying or neutering are put to sleep.

Pets that have been spayed or neutered have been known to live longer and healthier lives. Animals that have been unaltered have an urge to roam around, which exposes them to fights with other animals, getting run over and other complications. Spaying and neutering also reduces the risk of certain types of cancers like uterine cancer, reproductive cancer and prostate cancer. Pets need to be spayed and neutered for their own safety and care.

Altering animals also makes them behave better and calmer. When dogs are unaltered, they tend to behave more assertively or even aggressively. Most owners would love for their pet to be more relaxed and obedient.

Some people don’t want to alter their pets. Owners like to breed their animals and sell them for money. Some people don’t spay or neuter because they can’t afford the surgery to be done. But, for those people, there are spay and neuter coupons at the local animal shelter.

Spaying and neutering pets is such an easy procedure and it can save so many animals that die an unnecessary death.