Staff takes home All-Oklahoman


Derrick Miller

The newspaper staff poses in front of the telephone booth. They won All-Oklahoman.

Cheering crowds of staff members contrast with the quiet sessions to make up a small portion of Media Monday.

The Pitchfork staff went to Media Monday on April 6. They got Highest Honors and All-Oklahoman as a group and several first place awards in their division.

The staff didn’t get Sweepstakes, which for senior Chloe Harrison, Editor in Chief, was a bummer, but she still feels a sense of pride for what they did accomplish.

“I think we did good because of all the work we put in, and I am very proud of the newspaper [staff],” Harrison said.

Harrison got first place for a feature and a critical review. Harrison also received second place awards for a front page design, a news story and an honorable mentions for a critical review and a news story. Junior Tate Banks, Web Editor, got a first place award for a news story. Copy editor, junior Bridget Tolle, got first place for an original cartoon and a feature page design. She got second in an online opinion column, third place awards for information graphic and a feature story, and she also got an honorable mention for unsigned editorial. Sophomore Kiana Baker received third place for an unsigned editorial. Junior Elizabeth Miller got third place for an opinion column.

Harrison felt pretty good about her achievements.

“I worked pretty hard,” she said. “It’s nice to know that [the judges] appreciate everything I put in to these stories.”

At the sessions, Harrison learned a lot about different topics of a newspaper and said that it’s good to branch out to other teachers at the sessions.

“You learn different things,” she said. “It challenges you and puts you outside your comfort zone.”

Banks also enjoyed himself whilst on the OU campus.

“It was fun,” he said. “[Media Monday] was better than last year, but last year had a better guest speaker, [Gary England].”

During Media Monday, Tolle went to a class she really enjoyed.

“One of the sessions I went to talked about redesign, which is something we are planning on doing with our paper to make it more eye-appealing,” Tolle said.

She says that the staff was behind during all the months and that really hurt them a lot.

There is improvement along the way for the staff.

“We need to have more work in at a timely fashion, so that we have time to make the stories the best they can be and produce good content,” Harrison said.

There is much improvement still ahead on the newspaper and website. A redesign and better photography is also in order for the newspaper.
“I hope to expand the website with videos,” Banks said.

Newspaper adviser, Lisa Snider, always looks forward to Media Monday.

“Years ago, the high point was winning,” she said. “I wanted the students to get that top award.”

However, Snider is really in it for the learning experience for the students.

“Over the years I realized that the best thing they get is sharing the experience of learning together and receiving positive recognition for what they are producing,” Snider said.

The goal for the staff is to get Sweepstakes and continue their improvement on the paper.