New teacher makes impression

Welcoming a new teacher is something the chemistry students of Gordon Queener are having to do.

Even though this is a difficult process, the students are okay with having Queener as their teacher for the rest of the year. They are happy with the way it turned out. They are realizing that Queener is a great and helpful teacher. Sophomore Alexis Carlson  appreciates his ability to teach chemistry.

“He really cares about us understanding and enjoys teaching [chemistry],” Carlson said. “He makes sure to explain it to where everyone understands.”

The students in his class think highly of Queener and his knowledge. They say he genuinely looks after his students and tries to help them with anything.

“He is a good teacher, and he really cares about his students,” Carlson said.

Other than Queener’s ability to teach, his students like his personality and his humor. Sophomore Hayden Webb likes Queener’s kindness toward the students.

“He is a nice guy and is always joking around with kids in and out of class,” Webb said.

Queener is also enjoying his new job and his new students. He says he is loving being here and teaching his new students chemistry.

“I really don’t have any complaints,” Queener said. “I’ve had a good experience so far.”

Queener has had plenty of experience teaching chemistry to high school students. He has taught 13 years total, and 11 of those were in Bray. He lives outside of Duncan.

He loves having STEMs (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) students in his classes and likes teaching them. Queener says his students are very smart in all his classes.

“I’m lucky to be teaching chemistry with such bright kids,” Queener said.

Queener and his students are looking forward to the rest of the year teaching and learning together.