“1989” tops the charts

1989 tops the charts

Album after album, Taylor Swift never fails to please fans with her music. Her most recent album, “1989,” has quickly become a popular favorite.

This album just shows how much Swift’s sound has changed over the years. She’s left behind the country sound and gone straight into upbeat pop. One of her new singles, “Shake It Off,” is full of fun and has a sound that makes everybody want to sing along or dance to it.

Swift’s amazing voice and songwriting ability is portrayed throughout this album. In the songs her voice goes from soft to powerful to fun. It also shows how great of a writer she is. Swift has been writing the songs for this album for two years, just after her previous album, “Red,” came out. She is able to take in things that affect her life and put them into her music, which make the songs good. She puts her emotions and life events in her lyrics. “1989” just proves how talented Swift is with writing and singing.

As usual, all the songs on this album are relatable. Each song has a different story behind it, and that’s one of the things that makes the album great. Songs on “1989” talk about ignoring hate and living life. People of all ages can hear the songs and fall in love with them. They understand them while having fun listening.

Songs “Blank Space” and “Shake It Off” have both made their way up to the number one spot on the Billboards Hot 100 Chart. “Shake It Off” was in the top position for quite some time, staying at number one for weeks. It was an automatic favorite of mine and many other listeners. The newest single from the album, “Style”, is expected to follow right behind the others.

“1989” is Swift’s best album yet and they’re just going to keep getting better.