Girls tennis wins nationals

While most people were relaxing during their spring break, the girls tennis team was winning nationals in their division at the DecoTurf High School Tennis Team Championships tournament in Chattanooga, TN.

“The competition was pretty hard,” senior Marisa Moore said. “We didn’t expect the outcome we would get, but we worked hard. We used all the people on our team to get together and just try our best and have fun.”

This means much to her since she is a senior.

At the tournament there were 12 teams in their division. The competition came from states such as Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky. However, teams are invited, based on how the team did at state the previous year.

“It’s a really prestigious tournament,” coach Phil Barnes said. “Very rarely do you get a chance to even play in the national tournament.”

The girls tennis team went to play at the national level last year and received the bronze division. This means they lost the first round, but played against other schools who also lost this round. However, they won the bronze division by beating the rest of these schools and becoming champions of this division.

This year at nationals senior Alex Bowers received the Most Valuable Player award.

“It was really unexpected, and I was really grateful to have gotten it,” Bowers said.

As the team looks toward the rest of the season, some of the members are pretty excited. One of these is sophomore Kenzie Rains.

“We’re halfway through our season, and we’ve already done really well,” she said.

Although the team did well at nationals, that is not their main objective.

“Winning nationals is not our number one goal; number one goal is to win state,” Barnes said. “We knew coming back it was a great accomplishment. I’m real proud of them, but also we’ve got other things to accomplish.”

Moore is hopeful for what the team will do at state.

“I feel really positive,” she said. “We can win this year, put our minds together and keep focused and really just play to our best ability give it all we’ve got.”