Students want a say in prom theme

Prom is a time for juniors and seniors to gather together in merriment for an evening. Although much fun is had outside of the actual prom, the prom itself is also a time for pleasure and happiness. The theme doesn’t cause me to not go, but I’m personally excited for this night in May to come.

However, the students don’t have a say in what the theme is. Yes, as sophomores we vote for our class officers for the coming year, but that’s all we do. We don’t know the theme or any possible themes until the officers announce it or if we ask an officer.

Also, all the pressure is on the juniors to put on an amazing prom. The seniors have zero say in any of it. I think it’s nice they don’t have to do any work towards this event with all their senioritis things, but they should at least have a vote.

That’s exactly what I’m proposing. I believe the class officers should decide on a few themes they think would make great proms. After this they should do something very similar to homecoming where during class juniors and seniors are given little voting sheets.

If we do this, everyone will have a say. Some people can argue against this saying the people who aren’t going to this event will be voting about something that doesn’t concern them. But maybe those people aren’t going to this event because they didn’t even have a chance to say to have a say in the theme. Elmbrook schools in Wisconsin, Quaker Valley schools in Ohio and Lyman high school in Longwood, Florida all have their students vote on their prom theme.

I know a steampunk prom was proposed, and there are people who would go to prom if that was the theme. I would love to go to a steampunk prom; I think it would be super cool and would educate others about new styles.

I also know there are people who would probably hate to go to a steampunk prom simply because they don’t know what it is.

I’m not saying the problems of these non-promgoers will be eliminated if we have a voting ballot. I’m simply saying I would like to have a voice in school events that concern me.