Insurgent review


Starting with a breathless chase through the woods, “Insurgent” picks up right where “Divergent” left off, in the aftermath of a war against Divergents, people who fit too well into all of the factions; the Factionless, people who don’t fit well enough into any of the factions and later Dauntless, people who make up the protectors, soldiers or police.

While guilt-ridden Tris struggles with her past mistakes; she and Four face a whole new set of challenges as they continue, not only on the run, but also in their search for answers about both the past and future.

As the movie unfolds, a new mystery is awakened. A metal box is found engraved with the symbols of all five factions and is believed to be accessible only to a “true” Divergent, which causes the search for Divergents in general, and later specifically Tris, to become more intense.

When Jeanine, leader of the Erudite faction, proves just how ruthless she can be in this search, it pushes Tris to make some strategic moves one wouldn’t necessarily expect. The struggle to actually open the box continues as Tris is put through a number of different simulations, testing all of her abilities in each faction and creating quite a few eye-catching effects.

With the surprising betrayals, heart wrenching secrets and plenty of action, this movie takes on a completely different level of intensity and excitement than the previous movie did.

For anyone looking for an exciting action-packed movie filled with amazing special effects and some pretty solid acting, it’ll be hard for this movie to disappoint.