Leggo week is a time to bring the community and students together. There was a glow in a dark rave, a movie night, a karaoke night and a dodgeball tournament.

The dodgeball tournament had the largest of attendance, in which Better Without Scott and The White Girls won.

However, the dodgeball matches were more than just dodgeball. The Leggo Week events this year were in place to raise money toward a memorial for those students who have lost their live: alumnus Tanner Norton’s medical expenses, a wig for sophomore Melannie Haley and to take the special education students to prom.

Sophomore Katherine Hruby is going to get a memorial bench, which was planned out by some of her friends, and is going at the front of the school. There will be a memorial for students who lost their lives, which will consist of trees and a plaque for the high school students who have lost their lives at the front of the school or at the back. There were students and business people there to donate money for Leggo Week. The high school raised $10,000.

Senior Dace Palmer, the announcer at Leggo Week, said the memorials will bring relief.

“It’s nice to have that memory to be around,” Palmer said.

Palmer said Leggo Week is more than school enjoyment.

“Leggo Week is not always a spirit day for Duncan, but to take our time to help people,” Palmer said.

The favored part of Leggo Week for senior Ben Stockton was the money raised and how it brings the school and community together.

A recipient of some of the money is Haley. She has a condition called alopecia, which causes hair loss. She’s decided to get a wig for herself.

“I haven’t looked into it, but it will be synthetic and short so that way when it gets hot, I won’t be so hot,” she said.

Haley said the sickness has made her stronger, from being a little kid to now being as confident as she is.