Woflblood breaking barriers

Woflblood breaking barriers

Laughter, fighting, romance and friendship, which make a wolfblood feel right at home.

“Wolfblood” is a fantasy TV series from the British film company, CBBC and aired the third season in September of last year.

In the show, Maddy played by Aimee Kelly and Rydian played by Bobby Lockwood are werewolves, and their secret is mostly hidden until friends Tom played by Kendar Williams-Stirling and Shannon played by Louisa Connolly-Burnham find out about their deep secret.

The two werewolves eventually become a pack and Maddy helps Rydian become a tame wolfblood, sparking their friendship. Rydian is a foster care kid who hasn’t had a stable home until he meets Maddy and her family, who eventually take him in. A later wolfblood is Jana played by Leona Vaughan, who becomes an addition to the group of friends.

Kelly has not confirmed if she will be on the show due to her being too busy with college. Debbie Moon, the creator, has decided to not re-cast the role for the character, Maddy. Although there is no exact date, Moon has confirmed there will be a fourth season sometime this year with 12 episodes and not 13 (a normal season), because Moon will be writing a few episodes, and her staff will write two or three.

I absolutely love this show, it is the perfect teen series because of the drama, friendship and slight romance. The structure of the show has some twist and turns here and there.

However, it does not lack the action of how wild werewolves really are, with battles among Jana’s pack after her father comes for a visit. Jana’s father recently abandoned her and wanted to punish her for becoming tame. There are some pretty hilarious school fights, comedic scenes and realism. I will keep re-watching it until my eyes fall out.