Students donate jeans to middle school girls

Almost every teenager has at least one pair of jeans. Some people are fortunate enough to have parents who can afford really nice jeans. However, there are some people whose jeans are tattered and can barely be worn.

This problem is locally solved by a jean drive started by senior Carly Kirkland. The idea came to her as she was cleaning out her closet.

“I found a pair of jeans that I had really, really wanted in middle school,” she said. “I wanted these so bad, and they’re still in such wearable condition. I had seriously worn them three times. There are girls at that middle school who don’t probably have jeans that fit them or would probably die to have these jeans right now that I’m about to give away or do something with.”

This got her thinking. She figured there were a lot of other teenage girls from middle school whose jeans are simply sitting around in closets collecting dust.

Kirkland asked everyone in Jolly Jills social club to donate some of their nice, designer jeans they didn’t wear anymore. The result was almost 70 pairs of jeans.

“I had other people in the club help me do this,” Kirkland said. “It wasn’t all me. Everyone in Jolly Jills was so supportive of it and helped a lot with it. The whole club has really stepped up.”

The club members started gathering jeans about a year ago. They sorted them by size and placed them in tubs at the middle school before this school year started. Now middle school girls are able to receive jeans if they need them.

“[The drive is for] people who can’t afford nice jeans,” junior Natalie Robinson said. “That’s a nice thing for them to have that we feel like we can do for them.”

Sometimes the jeans can serve as a self-confidence booster as senior Whitney Hall says.

“The cause is for girls who can’t afford to wear nice clothes, and they feel left out because their parents don’t make the same amount of money as another kid[’s parents do],” Hall said. “It just basically gives them reassurance that they’re just like the other girls, and they don’t have to worry about being less fortunate.”

If someone is wanting to participate in this jean drive, the person can provide nice jeans (not from Goodwill or something similar) by giving them to Kirkland. She will do the rest.

“Anyone who wants to help is more than welcome,” Kirkland said.