Boys soccer wins game after scoreless season


Natascha Mercadante

Junior Jose Ojeda scoring a goal with an assist from sophomore Nathan Rushin

First game of the season is won.

The boys soccer team played the Cache Bulldogs on March 6, with a final score of 4-1.

Junior Jose Ojeda said the game went well.

“It felt amazing [to win],” he said. “It was a good game, and everyone played really good.”

Ojeda said this will be a good soccer season. He also said the team had to keep playing well and to trust themselves to play better the rest of the games.

One of the four goals at last Friday’s game was scored by sophomore Nathan Rushin.

“Scoring a goal, for me, meant everything,” Rushin said. “It made me feel accomplished.”

He thinks the season will go well.

“Our ball skill has gotten a lot better than last year,” Rushin said. “We’ve been able to finish our shots.”

Coach Danny David said the win was very important in starting the season strong and gave self confidence for the team.

“It just proves that all the hard work they’ve been doing is paying off,” David said.

To add on to the confidence, there is strong senior leadership, which is going to be really helpful this year. It’s built of a hard-working group of guys according to David.

The team has improved on the basics since last year.

“They have gotten better with basic fundamentals of soccer and gotten better working as a team,” David said.

He also thinks the team will continue to improve.

“As we improve, it’ll put us in positions to win more games,” David said. “Hopefully this year we’ll win those games that we should’ve won [last year].”