Talent show showcases students’ abilities


Natascha Mercadante

Junior Mason Rogers playing “Drifting” in guitar solo.

Talent has no limitations, especially at the annual talent show. There was a dance routine, a tribute to some of the deaths in Duncan and a trumpet solo in addition to many other acts.

Junior Mason Rogers got first place with a prize of $100, for playing “Drifting,” a rhythm guitar solo, in a tribute to his father who passed in October. The piece took him several months to get the rhythm down.

“My dad really liked the percussion style of the guitar,” Rogers said. “I played that honoring him.”

Rogers had no idea they were giving out prizes, but said it does feel good to win.

He also enjoyed the other acts in the show.

“I feel like everyone in the talent show equally deserved first place, and everyone there had an eminent amount of talent,” Rogers said. “I really liked Jayden Cooper’s Michael Jackson act. I enjoy it every year and Mason Bivens’ trumpet solo, too.”

There was also a band at the show, The Mason Rogers Experience. They played an arrangement by Bruno Mars using “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana while singing “Billy Jean,” which transitioned to “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes. It didn’t take much practice according to Rogers, who was also in the band.

“We’re very talented musicians,” Rogers said.

Senior Brannon Hancock was also in the band. He participated in the talent show both sophomore and junior year.

“It’s pretty rad,”  Hancock said. “It’s the first time I’ve placed.”

Hancock didn’t prepare for the talent show a whole lot, but he did avoid sugary drinks by drinking plain water.

“[To] keep my voice fresh,” Hancock said. “I don’t want to ruin the magic of singing.”

It took two or three days to learn the vocals on the piece.

“The range was really just natural,” he said. “You either hit the notes or you don’t.”

Hancock said that if someone has a talent the person should shoot for the stars.

“If you have the talent: showcase it,” he said. “You have it for a reason; you might as well do something with it.”

Junior Jayden Cooper did his Michael Jackson routine; however, he’s done this routine at places other than the talent show. He’s been doing the routine for 11 years.

“Whenever I was younger, I loved the way he performed, and when he passed away I took it very serious,” Cooper said.

Cooper says he works to be better every year.

“I take time to work up and make the routine better than last year,” he said.

No matter what talent a student has, the school talent show is a way to showcase that talent.