Fashionable TV show returns to airwaves

Fashion Police Logo

Fashion Police Logo

Welcome back “Fashion Police.”

As of early January the show is now back in business. Due to the death of  comedian Joan Rivers, the show had to be delayed by a few months.

“Fashion Police” is a show that critiques and complements the upscale and casual fashions of some of today’s well-known stars by using humor. However, with the recent death of the show’s host, Rivers, the show just isn’t the same. Yes, the new host Kathy Griffin does a pretty good job at trying to keep the comedy, but I feel as though there is more she could do to maintain more of the show’s soul. The true meaning of “Fashion Police” is to make sure people across the world, mainly those in the United States, know what’s hot and what’s not. The basis of this is to keep the red carpet as classy as it could be and to keep the viewers entertained by the commentary, which is quite interesting at times.

The discussion of good fashion is done in a less brutal manner. Other times the criticism is more harsh to the less desired fashion trends. This harsh criticizing is the main entertainment, but the stars of the show are accurate when they talk about the failed fashions. For example, there are certain times where it’s okay to wear a short dress; however, for a classier event, long dresses are the better way to go. This, in my opinion, has been a rule ignored by most people I come across.

“Fashion Police” was created by Rivers, who loved to critique fashion and made people think about what was really going on with what the person was wearing. This show really makes me get into the zone of pursuing a profession in fashion design which I would enjoy, so it wouldn’t have to feel like a job. Rivers had a way of turning her works, on and off the screen, into a way to express what she wanted to without caring about the criticism of others.

I’m enjoying the new season thus far, and I can’t wait for more “Fashion Police.”