Teachers leaving causes trouble for classes



Most people really don’t like it. Some will deal with it (for example, construction), but most have little desire to make it happen. Most people understand that change needs to happen on occasion, and they live with it.

However, in the past three years there’s been at least twelve situations where teachers have been changed out during the school year. Granted, some have been switched because of a medical problem, but most of them aren’t leaving for this reason.

This is a big problem for the students. Just when we’ve gotten used to the ways of one teacher, he or she leaves, and it’s the beginning of the school year all over again. The new teachers have to learn our names, and we have to get used their different styles of teaching. What makes it worse is we’re not starting a new subject; we’re still learning the same one, but in a different manner. It all gets very confusing and frustrating.

Some of this is out of the administration’s control. They can’t help it when a teacher’s spouse’s job is relocated. Life happens. However, a lot of times the teachers are simply leaving in the middle of a semester or in between semesters without the students knowing the reason why they left.

Neither situation makes it any easier on the students. We are still stuck with the mindset of not wanting our new teacher to change the way we have been learning. There is almost a battle between the teachers and students going on over how the teacher should teach. It may be a mental state, but it’s there.

Sometimes, we’re willing to accept the difference, but other times we look in disgust upon this event. It makes us uncomfortable, and we don’t like that. We believe we have enough change going on with construction moving the classes and routes to class. Now they have to go change the teachers, too? That just seems like too much. We don’t think we can handle it.

However, we can choose to look at these situations and not allow it to faze us. Or we can choose to be upset and grumble about it all the time.

In order for us to deal with this change and have a positive outcome, students need to communicate with their new teachers about problems regarding new and old ways of the teaching styles. This will let the teachers know which students are struggling with the transition, and the teacher will usually do all in his or her power to help these students.

This makes life immensely easier. For someone who chooses this optimistic attitude, other changes in life won’t be as difficult. The person doesn’t have to go crazy trying to solve all of the world’s problems. This kind of person can have a say in whatever changes come along the way.