App of the month: Earwax Fantasy – Wax On, Wax Off


Oftentimes, people find themselves fantasizing. Yet, I have never encountered  a person who fantasizes about earwax.

Anyone with an android phone can download an app called “Earwax Fantasy – Wax On Wax Off” created by Vanilla Breeze Co., Ltd. Here, one can fantasize to his or her heart’s desire to find and pull earwax out of people’s ears.

In the game the player starts with a cotton ball attached to a toothpick. The player searches around in the ear until earwax is hit. Flowers appear. Part two of the game commences. In this part the player must pull the earwax out without hitting the moving ear hairs. After this the player receives earwax or some object e.g. a screw.

There are many people in the game whose ears you mess with. The app is free, and there are many ads. There is no premium version.

I completely question why this game was created, and have no desire to play it again.

Happy earwaxing everyone.