A librarian’s job isn’t limited to books anymore


When I hear about libraries I usually think about a sanctuary of books, but now I sometimes find myself thinking of a place of magical artifacts. When I heard the word “librarians” I used to think of people like my mom, who’s a librarian. However, now I think about a team of magic crime-fighters.

Enter “The Librarians.”

“The Librarians” is a TV show made up of Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth), “math girl” with a tumor; Jacob Stone (Christian Kane), oil worker from Oklahoma who secretly loves art; and Ezekiel Jones (John Kim), expert thief. These are the Librarians, or Librarians-In-Training (LIT) would be more accurate.

In the beginning of “The Librarians,” the Library recruits Colonel Eve Baird (Rebecca Romjin) to be the Guardian of the Librarian Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle.) It is the Librarian’s job to collect magic artifacts and place them in the Library, so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

However, due to the evil Serpent Brotherhood, the group is forced out of the Library, which is now lost in between time and space. The Librarian leaves his little LIT’s under the care of Colonel Baird while he goes off in search of the Library.

Now the LIT’s help people in need and collect magical artifacts in a temporary place of housing by going through a door that can lead to any other door in the world.

As I watched this short, ten episode season, I kept finding myself thinking of this as a fantasy version of “Doctor Who.” Instead of traveling through time they travel by magic to anywhere on Earth. Instead of aliens they fight minotaurs and children’s stories. The Librarian himself also reminds me of the Doctors in his way of not explaining everything when he realizes something.

There aren’t just literary references in the show; there are also fight scenes and drama. Within the first episode there’s already a betrayal. By the last episode I found myself attached to the characters as fate was changing. I cringed when the characters were different, but I shan’t reveal too much.

I’ll be quite upset if this ends up being a “filler” show. All in all, I found this show to be marvelous and do hope they make a second season.