Local players prepare for musical performance

The play “The Sound of Music” will be performed in Feb. by Duncan Little Theatre. However, before the show begins, there are several weeks of practice. The cast and crew gathers weekday nights for several hours and does many different things, such as blocking, sets building and vocal training. The production is directed by senior Alyssa Flesher’s sister, Danielle, a DHS graduate.

Alyssa is playing Leisel in the production of “The Sound of Music.”

“First week we practiced choreography, and then we’ve been practicing blocking,” she said.

Her favorite part about the play is working with the kids and bonding as a family.

“Between learning things, we get together as a group, and we learn each others’ personality outside of the show,” Alyssa said. “The kids are goofballs; when we were practicing the dances at a karate place downtown, they [the kids] were doing cartwheels and handstands. It was really fun.”

Alyssa is double casting, which is where two actors play the same part varying in shows to relieve stress for the children, with freshman Mikayla Amaya. Alyssa said Amaya is a lot of fun to work with.

“She reminds me when I was 3 years younger doing this, when I was 14,” Alyssa said. “She helps bring more child-like actions to your character.”

Amaya said working with Alyssa is an honor.

“It’s an honor to double cast with her because she’s just a blast to work with,” Amaya said. “And me being a freshman and getting to work with a senior is a big deal to me.”

Amaya’s favorite parts of the play are the dancing, singing and being with the kids.

“I’ve worked with the kids two years now, and they’ve become like younger siblings,” Amaya said.

Sophomore Brady Hendricks is playing as Rolf in the production. His favorite part of production is the cast.

“This cast is really good,” Hendricks said. “Everybody that’s been a big player, from kids to adults made it come through.”

The production will be performed on Feb. 20, 21, 22, 27 and 28 at the Simmons Center Theater.





Maria: Eliza Mobley      Lauren Blakeburn U/S

Captain Von Trapp: Eric Schmidt      Justin Sullivan U/S

Mother Abbess: Tonya Bardsher      Sonja Skinner U/S

Elsa Schraeder: Tana Ashford      Heather Amaya U/S

Max Detweiller: Craig Lovett      Ken Jones U/S

Liesl: Alyssa Flesher/ Mikayla Amaya

Friedrich: Brock Freeman/ Caden Spurgin

Louisa: Madison Wise/ Ensley Kohout

Kurt: Rylee Townsend/ Landry Freeman

Brigitta: Sheridan White/ JJ Gregston

Marta: Macy Ebenhack/ Emersen Villagrana

Gretl: Ava Johnson/ Ainsley McEntire

Rolf: Tommy Peercy/ Brady Henricks

Sister Margaretta: Emily Leinz      Mackenzie Cook U/S

Sister Sophia: Lauren Blakeburn       Camalla MirelesU/S

Sister Berthe: Sonja Skinner       Kassie Gilmore U/S

Franz: Carter Waid

Frau Schmidt: Elizabeth Hibbard       Anita Williams U/S

Herr Zeller: Ken Jones

Baron Elberfeld: Jeff Beyer

Admiral Von Schreiber: Brett Lovett

Frau Zeller: Kassie Gilmore

Baroness Elberfeld: Heather Amaya

New Postulant: Murphie Robinson

Nazis: Ian Beyer, Josiah Criswell, Jess Hough, David Lovett

Men Party Guests:  Jeff Beyer, Roy Grabman, Ian Beyer, Josiah Criswell, Jess Hough, David


Nuns:  Heather Amaya, Kassie Gilmore, Jeri Freeman, Anita Williams,

Mackenzie Cook, Murphie Robinson, Cheri Spurgin, Rebekah Kafer,

Camalla Mireles, Consuela Mireles, Sarah Webb, Linda Raber, Naomi

Webb, Anna Adams, Celia Jones, Sharon Hobson, Janna Lovett, Michele

Jones, Lizzie Miller, Christen Belford, Kayla Robinson, Tara Harper



Stage Manager: Nicole Bowers

Assistant Stage Manager: Ken Jones

Assistants to the Stage Manager: Kaisie Bowers, Kyleigh Bowers,

Kaleigh Bowers

Choreography: Justin Larman

Set Design Team: Brian Hibbard, Katherine Farrow, Ken Jones

Set Construction: Brett Lovett, Jeff Beyer, Ian Beyer, Ladd Polk, Mary

Beth Mullica, Kassie Gilmore, John Hodgson, Cheri Spurgin, Jeanne

Gregston, David Lovett

Costumes: Gina Flesher

Assistant to the Costumer: Nicole Bowers

Seamstresses: Gayla Mosteller, Darla Waid, Debbie Leinz

Hair: Shannon Arrington

Makeup: Rodna Cherry

Props: Linda Raber (she is property manager), Derrick Miller, Rebekah

Miller, Nicole Bowers, Sophia Beig

Vocal Director: Veronica Hodsgon

Orchestra Director: Holli Hill



Holli Hill – Keyboard

Ruth Henager- percussion

Lilah Gilmore -percussion / drumset

Steve Ribnikar-bass

Merribelle Wharton- violin

Annabelle Wharton – violin

Kayleigh Adams Rossi – clarinet

Lizzie Edwards- clarinet

Lauren Guthridge- oboe and English horn

Harper Pitts- percussion

Jennifer Bivens-flute

Mason Bivens-trumpet

Mattie Bivens-French horn

Mora Bivens- trombone

Jason Bivens- Euphonium

Jessica Haas – Flute and Piccolo