Rogues explode into pepperoni (and other magical happenings)

A 4,000 pound rogue accompanied by some companions is traveling down a road. As they are traveling, they come across a small wall. The rogue, extremely unintelligent, attempts to shove his shoes into the wall. In turn, the wall grabs him and chokes him to death. As he breathes his final breath …

He explodes into pepperoni.

His companions went on their way, never giving him a second thought. He is now a god who can be summoned by singing Bon Jovi.

This is an example of a campaign for players of the famous role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons here at the high school.

The rogue’s name was Obe Easy, and the player was junior Elisha Gillett.

Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop role-playing game co-created by Gary Gygax and David Arneson in 1974. Wizards of the Coast eventually bought the rights from Gygax. In D&D, there is the Dungeon Master (DM) who creates the world, the scenarios, the rules and even the ways people die (Obe Easy is an example). D&D’s claim to fame was the fact that it was one of the first commercially-available RPG created.

Junior Nathanael Stewart is another one of the players of D&D at school.

“I played RPGs for years, and it just looked fun,” Stewart said about joining the D&D community.

Stewart, along with Gillett, has been playing D&D for roughly five years. He has DMd five times, and two campaigns are never alike.

“I’ve never had a D&D experience the same twice,” Gillett said his time playing D&D.

This one of the other allures of D&D that seduces people like a succubus (demon that seduces men).

The possibilities are as limitless as a person’s imagination. From giant flying eyeballs with jaws and laser-shooting eyeball-tentacles to players exploding into pepperoni, anything and everything can and will happen, if the DM allows it. If a player wants to punch the teeth out of fallen enemies and make it into armor, he or she can do it. A normal-sized centipede with god-like powers can kill everyone in a party. All of this, and more, can happen, as long as the DM gives it the OK.

Also, according to the rulebook, DM rules trump book rules in every case. A DM can disable attacking and defending if he or she so wills it, and the rulebook is tossed out.

In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, nothing is certain, and everything can happen. Just make sure to bring the Magic Arrow-deflecting belt buckle and Magic Pizza Crust.