A new stand on education

Education hasn’t been able to evolve properly over the years and is a vast subject to tackle. However, I feel as though the so-called improvements haven’t been for the best. A lack of testing skills, students not working in class and even teachers not completely answering questions is a huge drawback.

I feel as though the testing is where the system is flawed. A student can not simply be judged by a test score on an ACT or SAT even though these are needed for colleges. Put simply, some students just don’t test well. A student may know the subject; however, being able to apply the knowledge to a test is another thing.

During classes, a student may not feel the urge to do his or her work for whatever reason. Perhaps a physics student needs to change to a less rigorous science class. The student may also feel the teacher is not completely there to help. Students may feel like asking questions which may be judged shouldn’t be asked. This I know has happened to me. But if students don’t understand what’s happening in the class, they are more than likely to fail. I think there should be a system where teachers should focus more on those who want to actually do their work, and the other students should find a easier classes to take or maybe find someone to help them with their struggling points.

However, not asking a question is a huge draw-back in the classroom environment. A question should be asked and answered. Whether the question will be judged or not, it should be asked. Teachers should be willing to stop and answer as many questions as asked during and outside of class. A student should feel as if the understanding of the subject was met and completed when walking out of any classroom. Even if the class is an elective, a student has the capability to learn something new. The teachers and students alike need to work together in a learning environment and make things get going for the sake of a students’ future.