Alexis Baldwin


Drown BMTH

“It comes in waves, I close my eyes, hold my breath and let it bury me.”

These are just some of the amazing lyrics from Bring Me the Horizon’s (BMTH) new single, “Drown.” The song was released on Oct. 21, 2014 on YouTube by accident because of a mistake their U.S. record label, Epitaph Records, made. “Drown” hit the radio stations later that day.

“Drown” has become a favorite among many of the band’s fans and critics. Some of the fans were disappointed with the band’s change of sound from its usual metalcore and deathcore to a rock genre, but I love the way this song was written and how it sounds.

This song just shows how good of a songwriter Oli Sykes, vocalist for BMTH, really is. The lyrics are very relatable and captivating. The words speak truth about loneliness, depression and pain. It reaches into the heart of listeners and draws them in with its amazing sound and genuine meaning.

Many of the band’s fans go through situations in their lives that relate to this song. Anyone who has ever known the feeling of loneliness and sadness can understand these lyrics and easily fall in love with the song.

“Drown” is a song full of real experiences and when the music is over, it seems to be about a desperate cry for help that is left unsuccessful and empty.

Basically, this song is perfection with its wonderful meaning and lyrics.