Groups get jazzy at all-state time

“Jazz is very jazzy,” vocal music teacher Kevin Zinn said. Both the band and the choir have had participants for their own individual All-State Jazz tryouts.

This year, seniors Brennon Hancock and Mason Bivens tried out for All-State jazz band. They were fighting for two of 20 spots in the entire band.

“The jazz band is made up of five saxophones, five trumpets, five trombones, a electric guitar, a bass guitar and the rhythm section,” director Jeramy Haas said.

The people that auditioned received the music early in the year and practiced for their audition on Nov. 22.

“The audition process involved them playing their music in a room with five judges behind a curtain as well as doing a sight reading,” Haas said.

Out of the two that tried out Bivens made it on trumpet.

This year Hancock also tried out for the All-State jazz choir as well as senior Alyssa Flesher and junior Lizzie Miller. They were competing against 120 people for six spots.

“The people that tried out had one and a half months to learn the audition song,”  Zinn said.

Participants went to their audition on Tuesday, Nov. 18 in Oklahoma City.

“The audition process involved the participants singing the audition music, a 12 bar blues scale and a scat solo,” Zinn said. “A scat solo is a improv solo where soloists sing random syllables to make music.”

Of the three that tried out only Flesher made it into the choir.

“It is super competitive,” Flesher said. “Only 24 people make it and six people sing my part.”

Whether through instruments or vocal cords many students participate in jazz All-State.