Good things come in “FOUR”s



I’ve tried to deny my love for One Direction (1D) many times, but without failure the chart-topping harmonies of the five Brits can be heard blaring from my car after every album release. Their newest album, “FOUR,” was released Nov. 17. as sung in the blood-pumping chorus of the last song on the album “Clouds” —

“Here we go again.”

The first time I listened to the album, I noticed how it was set apart from their other albums. It still celebrates a sense of fun-loving, but it also seems more sophisticated and mature. The instrumentals are mostly guitar-driven and give off that perfect driving-in-the-rain vibe. These are songs you can easily transition between light background music to belting along in the car music.

Even though this album is much different, “FOUR” at its core focuses on the same themes of young love and living life to the fullest that are associated with the band. The album continued to draw from rock and even folk influences like their previous release, “Midnight Memories,” but they seem to have gotten it even better this time. And of course there is no lack of goose-bump-inducing harmonies and choruses practically flu-like in their catchiness.

The individual songs are all great in some way (some of my favorites are “No Control” and “18”), but somehow even better as an overall collection.

“FOUR” stands out as the greatest installment from 1D yet. If this continual growth from album to album is any indicator, I already can’t wait for the next.