Hypocritical news networks spamming television with propaganda

“Hello, good and faithful brainwashed masses. Today, we’ll be talking about how much we hate the opposing political party and are hypocritical bigots, because we’re ‘experts’ in our field.”

This is just an average day on many mainstream news outlets, such as Faux Spews (Fox News) or Crappy Nonsense Now (CNN), two of the largest mainstream news outlets in America.

Both of these outlets have millions of indoctrinated viewers who follow every word the anchors speak, whether it be Republican hogwash or Democratic proselytism.

On the Republican side, you have Fox News blasting every decision made by Obama; this would make plenty of sense if not for the fact they would praise a Republican for his decisions.

Take, for example, the CIA’s decision to release post-9/11 reports about the torture methods used during the Bush-era presidency. Republicans on the night of Dec. 8 got worked up about the decision, trashing the choice and Obama at the same time. All the while, the only thought running through my head was: “You would be praising a Republican president for this decision.”

That’s not to say that only Republicans do this. A hardcore left-wingist (Democrat) would do exactly the same thing in the reverse situation, e.g. a Republican president passing a law they disagree with and praising a Democrat president for the exact same law.

I wish that there was a bipartisan news network, somewhere where there could be harmony between elephants and donkeys without Dumbo trying to step on Bottom, and Bottom trying to kick Dumbo in his ample posterior.