The Hazing Secret

Sororities can be secretive in what they do to initiate new members — especially when initiation includes hazing.

I witnessed a fictional portrayal of this when I recently enjoyed a movie entitled “The Hazing Secret.” I was watching TV and I forgot to change the channel when another show I was watching went off. I was pleasantly surprised to see several movie and TV stars amongst the cast of the new film, including Shenae Grimes-Beech and Keegan Allen.

In the movie, four sisters of the Delta Zeta Alpha sorority decide to play a cruel hazing-esque prank on a potential new member, or pledge, to “teach her about loyalty,” when things go wrong.

The pledge ends up dead.

Several years later, Megan, played by Grimes-Beech, has to deal with the consequences of the hazing death. With lies surrounding the event and a new memory impairment, the consequences are almost unbearable for Megan.

Because of her memory loss, Megan wakes up every day confused about her life and has to watch a new video that she made the previous night about what has happened in her life recently. She also goes to see her psychologist, played by Allen, who was her friend in school, every morning in order to try and find some way to reverse her memory loss.

By the time the excellently paced and well-acted movie comes to an end, two people are dead, another close to it and two more severely injured.

With many surprising twists and unexpected turns in the plot, there is no doubt this movie is everything I had hoped and more. Director Jonathan Wright led the excellently cast actors quite well as they showed each emotion to the fullest extent. As the camera flawlessly switches between first-person and third-person, the viewer is left feeling as though they have been absorbed into the story themselves.

The well-cast film is definitely a must-see– especially for those planning on joining the greek community. After all, you never can be too careful when your life is on the line.