Gender Equality

Inequality is something people have been striving to rid the world of for quite some time. What I have noticed, however, is that equality is generally sought for a group of people with something in common rather than just a singular person.

It is part of our nature as living beings to want to be powerful, so we attempt to knock down anyone who might get in the way of that. That usually does not mean getting everyone on the same level but propelling ourselves above them, not solving the equality at all but causing more inequality.

That being said, the major inequality I have witnessed in my lifetime more than any other is gender inequality.

No, I don’t mean females need the rights we have plus some others that males have; that would, once again, propel a group above another. What I mean is that every single person on the face of the earth, regardless of what gender, deserves the same respect, acceptance, allowances and opportunities.

Despite the fact that the chances of everyone being seen as equal, even in the future, is slim to none, people still strive on and will, hopefully, continue to do so until the chances are raised.

I have recently seen a lot of support for the equal treatment of transgenders, transvestites, gender-fluids, females and even males. I believe this is proof that everyone feels that each gender has, at least once, felt as if they have been oppressed because they or someone they know wasn’t the correct gender.

This is not okay.

There is no reason to judge others on how they feel about their sex.

In the ideal world where people wouldn’t be judged for what they identify as, children would be allowed to play with what they wish without worrying about what their friends would say of them playing with “boy” or “girl” toys. People of all ages would be able to dress as they chose without feeling as though society hated them. They would also be able to have the jobs they want and equal pay wouldn’t be a question.

People would be able to feel free in the body form that they choose.

Everyone deserves the basic human right to freedom.

We are all human– regardless of how one identifies.