Exchange students travel to unfamiliar places

A home away from home.

Recently, the high school enrolled a couple new students who came all the way from Germany for the school year, sophomores Sophia Beig and David Kouts.

Kouts, who has lived in Germany since the age of two, said he came back to visit his dad.

This year, Beig and Kouts got to experience Thanksgiving with their family or host family. Both of the students shared how they enjoyed the celebration and the food.

“Thanksgiving is great,” Kouts said. “I really like the food.”

However, Beig decided to come to America for the adventure. She applied at an organization that paired her with a random family here and she arrived in Oklahoma City in August.

“I’ve traveled a lot around Europe, and I already lived in host families in Cracow and in London, but it was always a short stay,” Beig said.

Even though Duncan is very different from their hometown in Germany, they are both enjoying the new area and new people. Beig favorites the school’s activities and events the most.

“I’m amazed by all the people that are organizing events all the time so that everybody can get together,” Beig said.

Beig shared how her old school was different than Duncan. Where she went, they had no school sports, and they had 14 classes every week. Her schedule changed daily.

“It’s completely different,” Beig said. “There are so many things that are new to me and surprise me every day.”

These two students have made new relationships, friendships and a lot of new memories.