New cafeteria almost ready

The first day of school, fall break, mid-November and now after Christmas break — getting the new cafeteria up and running has been an uphill experience from the start.

According to Len Lawson, head of construction at the high school, besides the basic building of the cafeteria, the entire struggle has simply been the need for a water holding tank.

“In the central plant we have a domestic hot water boiler that was used for hot water just for the restrooms at the high school,” he said. “The architects had piping for hot water on the plans for the new kitchen, but no hot water tanks so we [connected the piping to the central tank and] increased the hot water to 140 degrees at the central plant. We installed tempering valve to cool down the hot water for the hand sinks everywhere.”

He also says replacing the water tank is in everyone’s best interest, considering how rusty the water that came from the old one was.

The freshman class has handled the struggles of the new rules, new school and moving around the construction.

“It very hard to get around campus,” freshman Dustin McDevitt said.

He also says he’s very excited for the new cafeteria to be ready and to use the booths because the chairs in the old cafeteria were “very uncomfortable, and the building is much bigger and brighter. You can actually see what you’re eating.”

While the construction workers have been handling the unforeseen problems with the new cafeteria and the freshman have been looking forward to finally using it, the kitchen staff have dealt with the the difficulties that moving to a new building causes.

Bonnie Miller, a part of the kitchen staff, says she and the rest of the staff have had their things boxed for weeks and don’t plan to waste their time unboxing them until they’re in the new cafeteria.

“This one’s [cafeteria] falling apart,” Miller said. “We are constantly having to work on fixing different leaks and pipes among other things.”

Miller and the rest of the staff say they don’t know what to expect or think about the new cafeteria quite yet and agree the delayed dates and waiting have been an inconvenience. They do, however, say when they finally get to the new cafeteria, it will definitely “be a blessing.”