Student calls for more school dances

Throughout the states, the average high school has not only one but multiple dances. There is a homecoming dance, a winter formal, a spring formal and others. At our high school, however, there is prom. Only prom, which half the student body can’t even attend.

I was never bothered by the lack of dances here at the high school until I realized there are dances, they’re just not for the general student body. Different clubs have their own personal dances and events, specifically for members.

Many of these clubs require a certain social status, an invitation into the club and/or different dues for different things, which can vary in prices.

There is not any reason for clubs or other social groups to not be able to have exclusive dances or other events, it’s just not right that someone who doesn’t qualify or simply doesn’t have the money to join to not be able to attend any dances when those more able to join things can.

Not only would it be a fun event, but it could be a social club type event itself. We could have a “dance committee,” specific people who sign up to plan out themes, decorations, music and other needs.

I don’t understand why the school doesn’t have dances for everyone, like other high schools do. At this point, considering it’s not something we’ve ever really done on a regular basis it may not be a majorly attended thing, but with time, and if we had the right people decorating and things like that, I feel it would become a popular and fun event.