If people paid more attention

Dispatch: “Emergency, 911?”

Caller: “I think I’m reporting an abduction. I heard a loud scream, a young girl was screaming, and I saw a tall, skinny guy pick up this girl, put her in his car and leave.”

On an unfortunate Saturday afternoon near the beginning of November, this call was made by a nearby neighbor witnessing a kidnapping. Had this call not been made, it’s likely an innocent 7 year old girl might have never been found.

Unfortunately, many people who witness such events never realize what they’re seeing, and it goes unreported.

There are three different types of kidnappings. Family kidnapping, which usually is done by a parent or other member of the immediate family; acquaintance kidnapping, which is done by someone the child or person has met a few times; and stranger kidnaping, which is done by someone the child has never met and does not know.

Seventy one percent of child victims are kidnapped by acquaintances or complete strangers. Of these victims, 40 percent are murdered and 4 percent are never found according to childfindofamerica.org.

How children are still being kidnapped in this day and age shocks me. With the technology we have and the resources that are available, I don’t understand how someone can just disappear with someone else’s child and not be caught or found.

Or, instead of having to use resources and technology to find children, maybe people should just pay more attention to their children and the people around them. If someone notices a grown man forcing a child into his car or forcing a child to come with him, the person needs to call the cops. Say something, do something, anything, but do not just sit there. Yes, obviously that man could be the father and the child could just not want to go home, but he may not be. If a vehicle very quickly drives away from a house, where you know someone was staying alone, call them. Make sure they’re okay. Follow the car, do anything besides ignore it.

I feel if people would simply stop blowing things off and actually pay attention to the world around them, maybe, just maybe people could make the world a little bit safer and quite possibly save a life.