Students volunteer for animal causes


Everyone knows you can’t start a party without the green — katnip, that is. According to Nicole Baldwin, manager of the Humane Society, the cats go will go crazy for a little katnip.

The Stephens County Humane Society is an animal shelter that takes in abandoned, stray and surrendered animals. The shelter cares for all the animals they get and trains them to help them get adopted.

Baldwin said that they have around 1,300 dogs and 800 cats come through the shelter each year. To care for all these animals, the Humane Society needs plenty of volunteers and workers.

“There are a lot of things we need help with,” Baldwin said. “Cleaning takes place from 8 until 12, afternoons walking dogs, socializing animals and even bathing dogs.”

Volunteers are needed for a number of reasons. For example, taking care of the animals, socializing with them and training them are things that volunteers could help out with. Just playing with the dogs or cats is a big help to the shelter and the animals.

“They are spending time with people, and they get out of the kennel for a bit,” Baldwin said. “It’s mentally stimulating.”

With all the work that needs to be done at the shelter volunteers are very important. There are four or five regular volunteers and only two of them are students: Dustin Baldwin, a senior, and Destiny Baldwin, a sophomore. They are Nicole Baldwin’s children.

“It’s a good cause,” Dustin Baldwin said. “[The animals] can’t help themselves so helping them out makes it worth it.”

The Humane Society is a place for animals in need. The shelter provides a safe place for the animals and keeps them off the street where they could be injured or starving.  All the staff members and volunteers put in time and energy to get all the dogs and cats that come into the shelter adopted out into great homes.

“We are a safe place for these babies,” Nicole Baldwin said. “A warm place with food, water, treats and lots of love.”

Anyone 16 and older can go to the shelter, fill out an application and start volunteering then or schedule a particular day to go in. If a person has time, he or she can go volunteer, or could just show up and ask to help for the day. The Humane Society address is 714 W M. L. King Ave in Duncan. Their phone number is (580)-252-7387.

Volunteering at the Humane Society is helpful to the staff, the animals and the community. The animals seem to appreciate the love and care given to them from anyone who helps out.