Space exploration drama gets praised


As a Trekkie, I can appreciate sci-fi tales of space exploration with a lot of sciencey nonsense and technobabble. A more well-made version of this is what I expected to see when I went to the theater to see “Interstellar,” the Christopher Nolan-directed space movie. However, I wasn’t quite prepared for a masterfully-made space odyssey with a strong backbone of emotional human drama adorned with really deep quasi-scientific aspects and a healthy dose of action/adventure.

“Interstellar” is flat-out amazing. It may not be as entertaining as, say, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” as it is more of a “makes you think” movie than a “yay that was fun” film. However, for a “makes you think” movie, “Interstellar” is so well made it’s scary. The acting, the plot, the special effects all near-flawless.

“Interstellar” also shares one of my favorite aspects of many of my sci-fi fandoms parts of it are incredibly confusing and leave the audience wondering what happened, how it happened and why it happened. However, this particular movie not only leaves its viewers confused but leaves them confused while marveling at how much sense that confusing part actually made.

The movie seamlessly blends emotional human drama, particularly the relationships between a deep-space exploration team, their families and their fellow astronauts, with heart-pounding action sequences on distant alien worlds. The film has humor, action, drama and generally everything one could want in a movie.