Student makes all-state dance team


Girls dressed similarly in black line up on a wall on Sept. 21 in Jenks. Their only identification is a number. They watch as other girls perform the routine they know all too well. Senior Lauren Wilmes is among them. Coaches stand by nervously waiting for the final results to be announced. Among these is pom coach Sandra Hurst. This is the Oklahoma All-State Dance Team audition.
“It’s not an easy day,” Hurst said. “It’s a tense day.”
Wilmes was one of the fortunate 33 people to make the All-State Dance Team through the Oklahoma State Dance Team Directors Association (OSDTDA). The OSDTDA audition process divides the state in half — west and east — making two regional dance teams. A total of 62 people made the all-region teams. The judges combine the regional teams, find a break in the scores and create the all-state dance team.
“It’s a tremendous accomplishment,” Hurst said. “It’s a direct result of her hard work and dedication to dance.”
Wilmes went to Oklahoma City University on Oct. 26 for all-state practice and will go two more times before December. The all-state dance team will showcase the piece they were taught by choreographer Whitney Nelms for a competition in December at Oklahoma City University.
“I’m excited to get to meet girls from around the state and perform with them and represent my pom squad and Duncan,” Wilmes said.
At the practice the dance team learned and practiced the new routine for three hours. Wilmes had the opportunity to reunite with old friends as well as make some new ones.
In the past six years there has not been anyone to make the All-State Dance Team.
“I’m not sure if they’ve had anyone [make all-state] before or not,” Wilmes said, “But if they have it’s an honor to get to join them and be a part of what past alumni from the pom squad have accomplished.”
Wilmes is happy to have made the all-state dance team.
“It’s an honor to get to represent my pom squad and get to do what I love — which is dance,” she said. “I’m really excited about it, and I was thrilled to get this opportunity.”