Shooting threat causes disillusionment with humanity

Many people say that they’ve lost hope in humanity for one reason or another. Personally, I try to keep a more positive view of the modern human race after all, I’m going to be spending the rest of my life around them. However, I can certainly see why people would have such low opinions of the current populace of the world, especially when one fearmongering teenager with a Yik Yak account can just about shut down a high school for a day.

As many readers may know, last week an unidentified 15-year-old Duncan High School student was arrested for making threats on the supposedly anonymous social media app Yik Yak, saying that he (or she, we don’t know) was going to “Bring my 9 mm with me to school tomorrow.” The would-be murderer also proclaimed that “All white boys gets bullets” and “Rednecks dying first at DHS,” as well as warning the students that he or she apparently didn’t want to kill by saying “Don’t come to school tomorrow if you’re innocent. Shooting Duncan High.” The day after the arrest (which took place late at night), school attendance was down by a noticeable margin and there was increased police presence at the high school.

There are so many things wrong with this series of events that I’m not even sure I can list them all. First of all, the very thought that people exist who want to murder their compatriots for no apparent reason is absolutely terrible. Secondly, the fact that a high schooler can go that crazy may not speak much about the mental state of the average, non-murderous teenager, but it’s still disturbing that a public high school student, the kind of person who routinely sits in classrooms with dozens of other youths every day, could have a serious desire and willingness to end the lives of his or her classmates. Of course, that’s assuming that the individual wasn’t just trying to seem “tough” or “bad” or whatever, in which case the student should just realize that being a psychopath isn’t really considered cool.

The other major thing wrong with the whole affair is the effect that the threat had on the school. The day after the offending individual was arrested, attendance was down very noticeably at the high school. Perhaps many students and/or their parents were legitimately concerned a maniac was going to shoot up the school, but many students probably just used the opportunity as an excuse not to go to school. Either way, many teachers just didn’t do anything in their classes as many, if not most, of their students were absent. One kid going crazy rendered the school ineffective and a virtual laughingstock for an entire day, and that is just regrettable.

This whole incident has thrown into sharp focus many distasteful aspects of the human condition. I may not have lost faith in humanity (I may if the BBC ever cancels Doctor Who again, though.), but this affair has definitely illustrated why many people may.