Online gaming degenerating into pile of raging hormones

“OMG, look at this n00b. Get on my lvl, scrub.”

“Shut up, you freaking 12-yr-old.”

“N00b you suck, just afk and make us all happier.”

“As happy as I made your mom last night?”

Sadly, this is the kind of conversation that goes on whilst playing online games, and unfortunately, it tends to turn people away from the enjoyable experiences of games that should just be about cooperation, having fun and banding together to complete a goal. Now, it’s just a bunch of prepubescents shouting obscenities, insults and jokes about each others’ moms at each other in their squeaky chipmunk voices and 20 to 30 year olds who still live in their mothers’ basements bragging about how little of a life they have.

It makes me wonder when the camaraderie of the gamer culture degenerated to such a low level. To me, it was when “Call of Duty” began to offer terrible campaigns and too many multiplayer modes, when parents of 12-year-olds began buying their children M-rated shooters to keep them occupied. When games were just split-screen multiplayer, the lifestyle of a gamer was at least somewhat respectable, only because one knew the person one was playing with, and one didn’t have to deal with all of the annoying people on the Internet all the time. Even with the ability to make custom parties with only friends in it, that doesn’t help to cover up the terrible experiences that almost every gamer has dealt with in his/her life. If only gaming could go back to the good days of split-screen multiplayer, then terrible online gaming would be done for once and for all.