Teenagers have appropriate Halloween costumes

From princesses to princes and superheroes to villains, Halloween has always been an exciting time. It is the one time of the year it is possible to be who or what one wants, not to mention the free candy.

Growing up, Halloween is innocent. We dress up as who or what currently holds our attention. We follow tradition, going from door to door getting candy and having a wonderful night with our friends, then we go home.

As we become teens and young adults, however, Halloween takes on a much different approach. What used to be a sweet and innocent princess costume suddenly isn’t so sweet and innocent anymore.

Honestly we still dress up as the same general things, but the pirate costume that once consisted of an eye patch, some pants or leggings, a puffy shirt and maybe even a trench coat, no longer consists of quite so much material.

Personally, I don’t find anything wrong with this, although I’m sure there are plenty of people who would disagree with me. As we grow up, not only does our style and taste in clothing change, but so does our opinion of what is appropriate and what isn’t, how closely our parents monitor us and, most of all, the standards we as a society have placed on what is “normal.”

I think it’s acceptable, as we grow into the individuals we are meant to be, to test boundaries and dress how we feel the need to dress. Male or female, if you’re comfortable enough with your body to show it off, that’s great. There are plenty of people who aren’t so comfortable, and that’s a truly awful feeling.

There are, however, limits that should not be crossed. Wearing something revealing and could even be considered “call girlish” is one thing, wearing a bra and what can barely be considered panties with some boots is another thing.

I feel that one has reached the limit when there’s more than cleavage, stomach and legs showing. Really there’s only two things guys don’t show generally anyways, and as long as they’re not put on display, I think it’s fine too.

Dressing cute and confident on Halloween is fantastic. I do, however, feel as though the line between what is acceptable for the public eye and what is not has been blurred beyond repair.

It’s perfectly okay to look great on Halloween and to show off what Mother Nature gave you in that adorable costume. There are, however, some things and outfits simply not meant to be put on public display.