Organization uses volunteer work to help the community

Organization uses volunteer work to help the community

When people think about National Honor Society (NHS), they think about good grades, school and work, but NHS students do more than just maintain high academic qualifications, they routinely help the community by volunteering for organizations and people that need it.

Members in NHS are taught about what is called The Four Pillars of Excellence: character, leadership, scholarship and service. When students show that they have an excellence in all these things, they are chosen to become part of NHS.

“The National Honor Society members work very hard in the classroom as well in the community,” biology teacher and NHS sponsor Todd Ledford said.

Students involved in the society participate in volunteer work and community service to earn points, one being senior Whitney Hall who is the president of NHS.

“We are required to get four service points through community service per semester, but most of our members go beyond that to help the community,” Hall said.

The members volunteer at various places such as United Way, The Toy Shop and Gabriel’s House. Students in NHS help out people or organizations that need help, like vice president of NHS, senior Ben Stockton.

“If someone in the community needs help for a project or service, NHS is one of the first clubs notified for need of volunteers,” Stockton said.

Some of the members enjoy the volunteer work and have learned a lot from it. NHS gives the students involved a different point of view on helping in the community.

“When I volunteer at stuff, it’s because the person or people I’m helping need me,” Stockton said. “[Volunteering] shows that not everything has to be bought or rented.”

While having great academic achievements is part of becoming, or being, an NHS member, having good character and a hardworking personality is a substantial component. The Four Pillars of Excellence, which contains both academic and non-academic standards, are important qualities for any NHS member to have.

“[NHS] gives students an opportunity to give back to their community which administers all those traits,” Hall said. “It prepares [students] for the future by building onto those areas.”

Overall, these students have been able to excel using critical thinking skills, common knowledge to their advancement and excellent character.