Police brutality viewed as growing issue

For the past three months, headlines across America have been full of mentions of people protesting police brutality, from the shooting of Michael Brown to the Georgia man whose house was raided because he was growing okra, and police assumed it was marijuana.

These, and plenty of other stories, illustrate the stupidity that is rampant in the police force these days.

Back in July, a SWAT team executed a no-knock search warrant, which allows them to bust into a home without identifying themselves, and killed a family’s two dogs, according to eyewitnesses all over a little bit of weed. First off, the no-knock warrant is the stupidest rule I’ve ever heard of, and secondly, the police should have no right to shoot two dogs and toss them out like they’re nothing.

Not even our own state is safe from this. In May of 2010, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer was put in anger management after he assaulted an Emergency Medical Technician. The trooper stated that the driver of the ambulance which had a patient in it, by the way flashed an obscene hand gesture at him. The officer then proceeded to put the EMT in a chokehold after he asked if he could take the patient to the hospital. The officer tried to defend his actions by saying that the EMT assaulted him first, but good ol’ cellphone footage showed otherwise, according to Fox News.

Unfortunately, cellphones aren’t always there on the scene, and this leads to no justice for the victim.

Now, I’m not saying that all cops are bad and should be punished; I just think that police should find another way to resolve a situation, rather than resorting to force. Just because they have a gun doesn’t mean they have to use it. They have other tools at their disposal, not just their handgun, to defuse a tense situation. Most situations can be resolved by just talking things out, but most people seem to have lost that view.