Seat belts save lives


“Wear your seat belt.”
Countless teenagers have heard this phrase and ignored it. I mean, sure, one person in the United States dies each hour because they weren’t wearing a seat belt according to “But that would never be me,” some say, myself included. “No, I would never be that person because I’m somehow a special case.” Well, another fun fact according to the same website is since the usage of seat belt increased over time, injuries and fatalities decreased.
Similarly, according to, in 2012 the age group 13 to 19 caused 2,823 motor vehicle accidents alone. A lot of these accidents are caused by distracted driving. A distraction can be anything. It can be texting, talking, driving under the influence of alcohol, eating, reading a billboard or some other sign, listening to music, adjusting something or even a pesky little fly.
Yes, dearest readers, a fly really can hurt you.
As of Oct. 14 I have had my first memorable car wreck. It all happened because I was distracted; there was an annoying fly whom I wanted to free. It didn’t take long for me to hit a curb head on. I jerked for the brake, but missed and hit the gas instead. This caused me to drive up a tree a little and flip over. I wasn’t even going 20 miles per hour.
I slowly watched the car knowing I was going to land upside down. There was a crash as windows and windshield shattered seat belt
When my car became still, I was hanging from my seat belt, uninjured. I didn’t have any injuries because of the wonderful God. If I wasn’t wearing my seat belt, I likely would have had a concussion, whiplash and/or shards of glass imbedded in my body. I received none.
My car was totalled because of a measly fly. Anything else can cause a car wreck. It can happen anywhere at anytime. I wasn’t even out of my neighborhood when I crashed. According to only a mere 1% of accidents happen more than 50 miles from home.
Some people fail to put their seat belts on when they are only driving in the parking lot or down a couple streets. Fellow students and faculty members need to realize it doesn’t matter who anyone is when it comes to having a car wreck.