SCARIEST THINGS OF 2014: The Ebola Outbreak

Lethal African diseases are pretty creepy. Disease epidemics killing United States citizens are likewise unnerving. But a disease that turns its victims’ insides to mush running rampant in underdeveloped African nations and spreading to the States? That’s just terrifying.

Ebola, a deadly African disease, has recently exploded in the continent, and the epidemic has started spreading to other places, such as America. One patient has already died from the disease in Dallas, another has turned up in New York and the rest of American society is in a panic over it. The debate over travel bans and airport screenings has been raging since the outbreak began, and some rumors have whispered that the virus may be the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. Phrases like “I hope I don’t get Ebola” or “We’re all going to die of Ebola” are heard almost daily.

Whether it’s the panic over Ebola spreading in Dallas, the controversy over travel bans or the rumors of undead brain-munchers, Ebola is certainly one of the scarier things of 2014.