Friendships built through volleyball

Bonding and life-long friendships aren’t exactly the first thing some people think of when it comes to volleyball. However, according to seniors Carly Kirkland and Rebecca Brewer as well as sophomore Chandler Hunt, the friendships definitely play key roles in how the team plays.

“It really helps us in games, because we have this huge trust system, and the spirit on the court is very positive,” Hunt said. “It helps us pull through with great wins, and when we lose, we never blame each other.”

Not only do the girls play on the same team, they also spend a lot of time with each other outside of school and volleyball. They often spend weekends and their other free times together, and it’s not a rare sight to see them all meeting up for lunch. It was almost an instant friendship when the team started playing together at the beginning of the season. They even went on a trip to Branson this past summer, making them closer and their bond stronger.

“I think the group this year has a really strong bond,” Brewer said. “I think that has definitely helped us on the court this year. The trip also helped welcome the new coming freshman, although they seem to be fitting in just fine.”

“I love the freshman,” Kirkland said. “They are so positive and encouraging and are great attributes to the program.”

Although this is some of the players’ last year being on the high school team, they’re trying not to let that stand in the way of it being a wonderful season.

“It’s bittersweet,” Brewer said. “It’s just started to hit me that this is the last year I’ll be playing, but I’m also excited for everything to come. We have all grown so close, and I will truly miss being a part of this team.”

To show just how much the seniors will be missed, Sunday night, on Sept. 28, underclassmen decorated the seniors’ lawns and tagged their cars with chalk so they would wake up to it on the day of the final game.

The team ended this year’s season with a score of 16-13, winning their last game.

Through this season and many before it, the team has become friends and created bonds that will be remembered for a lifetime, all because of volleyball.