Technology center classes get rearranged

Electronics is in engineering, engineering is in carpentry, welding has crossed the building and biomed has extra space.

These classes, as well as others, have gotten new classrooms, labs and workshops as a result of the reorganization of the Red River Technology Center (RRTC) which took place over the summer. Some classes, such as biomed, just got extra space out of the deal, while others, such as electronics and pre-engineering, got moved completely across the building.

Many students and teachers at the RRTC are happy with the changes.

“The move itself has been a great benefit,” engineering teacher David Shaw said. “The workshop itself increased by about two to three times the size. It also gave us 15 to 20 foot ceilings to work with, so we don’t have to look for a place to practice things, like, say, our robotics competition, because we didn’t have a high enough ceiling to be able to practice any of that.”

Senior Jacob Cardenas, a second-year engineering student, is also satisfied with the move.

“My new classroom is beautiful,” Cardenas said. “It has a shop and not a drop-down ceiling room with carpet and tables that we call a shop.”

Bill Leyrer, the Electronics teacher at the RRTC, is especially happy with the way the move changed his class space.

“In our last environment, we were in the other side of the building,” he said. “We didn’t have a separate classroom to give lecture in versus a lab. It was just a big classroom lab environment, so we’re excited this year to have a separate classroom where students who aren’t particularly involved in a particular lecture can get away and still do their work.”

As the RRTC boasts classes with proportionally large amounts of hands-on work as well as normal classroom teaching, these adjustments to the layouts of shops, labs and classrooms have a large impact on the students and teachers in the various programs, but the general consensus is that this change is for the better.