Support of AR-15s growing

With the recent increase in school shootings (or at least the media coverage of them), I feel that our guardians, the campus police, should be better armed, protected and trained. After all, we are only as strong as our weakest link.
In the event that an intruder should come onto the campus, I would feel better knowing that our law enforcers are equipped with weapons that could better prevent someone with mal-intent from harming students, teachers or anyone else who might be on campus.
In Compton, California, the school board has approved the use of AR-15s, a powerful rifle, as weapons used to protect the schools.
Even so, it should not just be AR-15s that are given to the campus police. They should also receive the proper training and protective gear for whatever guns they will have access to.
The only dangers I can see coming from the officers having assault rifles are if an officer decides to take fire towards students or if someone overpowers them and seizes the weapon.
However, with the proper instruction, both situations could be avoided.
The officer that would shoot innocents should be trained to better control his action and physical training would better prevent one from being easily overpowered.
My idea of proper training would be very similar to the training SWAT members go through. I see this as proper training because SWATs are sent in to some of the most dangerous, civil situations.
If the use of assault rifles is ever accepted in our schools, we could rest easy knowing that our officers were properly trained and even the weakest officer is strong.