People run away from zombies at 5k


Ready. Set. Run!

With these simple words, a group of people ran the Dead Last Zombies 5k Fun Run around the hospital and down West Beech. The few survivors are proof there is great difficulty in surviving a zombie apocalypse. For those who did, they knew where to go and where not to.

All the runners had to pay $30 in advance or $40 the day of the race. All the proceeds went to the Simmons Center Family Fall Festval and The Community Spirit program.

Lori Belcher, the organizer, said there was a total of 58 runners and 58 zombies. Former science teacher, Brandon Null, was one of the 58 participants. Junior Niki Spagnola and freshman Braden Ledford were the two runners for the high school.

“I thought it would be fun to run away from something,” Ledford said.

There were only a couple of survivors at the end of the race. Ledford and Spagnola were not among them.

“I think the idea of the race was fun, but very few people survived because there were so many zombies on one person,” Spagnola said.

The drama club members went all out with their zombie costumes. They had makeup on their faces that made them appear as real zombies. They wore old and tattered-looking shirts and ripped, bloodied dresses to make it even more authentic.

The runners had two flags strapped onto them, one on each side. The zombies job was to capture these flags, “killing” the runners. Even if the runners flags were taken, they completed the race for survivor medals.

While the race was going on, the zombies had been waiting in various attack places for the participants to run by. The main kill spot was the hospital.

Though the race was long and hard, the survivors and the infected runners were able to finish under the warm evening sun.